Phoenix Will Literally Be As Hot As Death Valley This Week

Scorching temps ahead.
Phoenix Weather Will Feel As Hot As Death Valley This Week

It's going to be a sweltering week in the Valley as Phoenix weather will see temperatures soar into the triple digits. With scorching temps ahead, you might want to make some plans for a little fun in the water. The city will literally be as hot as Death Valley this week.

According to The Weather Channel, the city will see a high of 112 F today with temps rising through the weekend.

Tuesday - Thursday will remain at a constant 110 - 111 F with clear sunny skies so it might be time to break out that fancy sunhat of yours.

As the week continues, temps will consistently rise upward of almost 120 F. This weekend, you can expect a high of 116 F on Saturday with partly cloudy skies, and 117 F on Sunday.

Talk about hot!

The weather in the city will resemble that of Death Valley as the national park will experience temps between 112 - 120 F.

As summer makes its way into the state, it's essential to follow heat safety tips provided by the City of Phoenix. 

When it's above 100 F, the city has a few tips that you can follow if you can't avoid the outdoors.

They recommend that you stay hydrated, take breaks often, limit or avoid outdoor activity, and wear lightly colored clothing.

Nows the chance to show-off your new shorts or that sun hat you've splurged on. 

If you're making a trip to Grand Canyon, The National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Warning now through Tuesday, July 7, at 8 pm.

It warns of "Dangerously hot conditions with high temperatures of 105 to 111 degrees below 4000 feet."

With summer weather making a strong headway throughout parts of the state, you might want to make plans that include shade, water, and more water. 

Stay cool out there!