As people think ahead to what post-pandemic work will be like, Canadians have revealed how they want to work and what they're willing to do to work outside of their home or office.

A new survey looked at how the pandemic has changed the way Canadians live and found that a lot of people want more flexibility when it comes to how and where they work.

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For people who said they'll continue to telecommute once the pandemic is over, 69% responded that they would like to occasionally work from a third space, a location that's not their home or office. That number is even higher in specific cities at 77% in Toronto and 73% in Montreal.

About 30% of respondents said they'd pay to work from a third space, like a café, bar or hotel; this percentage was slightly higher at 40% in Toronto and 49% in Montreal.

Work isn't the only thing being thought of right now — Canadians are also looking ahead to recreation once the pandemic is over, including doing things like gathering with friends and family, travelling outside of the country, eating at restaurants and more.