Canadians Have A ‘Wish List’ For Returning To The Office & There Are 5 Main Requests

New research shows what workers want post-pandemic.👇🇨🇦
Remote Workers In Canada Have 5 Main Requests Before Returning To The Office
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New research has found that remote workers in Canada are feeling reluctant to return to the office full-time.

In fact, research from staffing firm Robert Half found that around 33% of professionals currently working from home in Canada would actually look for a new job if they were required to go back to the office permanently.

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Those who would consider returning to the office (on a full-time or part-time basis) listed several factors that they say would help the transition.

The most common “wish list” suggestions included the freedom to set preferred office hours, employer-paid commuting costs and a private and distraction-free workspace.

A relaxed dress code and employer-provided childcare were also listed as examples of benefits that would persuade remote workers to return to the workplace.

What about remote-only concerns?

While only 19% of respondents said they’d like to return to the office full time, many employees admitted they had concerns about working remotely long-term.

In particular, 39% of respondents said they’d be worried about their relationship with coworkers, while 21% expressed concern that there would be fewer career advancement opportunities due to a lack of visibility.

Additionally, 16% of Canadian workers involved in the study said there was a chance of decreased productivity while working from home.

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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