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Remote Jobs In Canada Are On The Rise & These Are The Best Opportunities In 2021

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote jobs in Canada have been on the rise.

In fact, according to research by Statistics Canada, 40% of Canadians are currently working from home, while 25% of Canadian employers say they’d continue the practice after the pandemic.

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Following this “massive shift in the work landscape,” global employment agency Randstad has compiled a list of the most in-demand remote jobs for the year ahead.

While skills like cleaning and sanitizing are expected to be essential for many in-person roles in 2021, remote workers will need to be proficient using online services such as social media.

Although you don't necessarily need a degree to land top roles, being adept online will be essential.

With that in mind, here's what Randstad predicts will be the top and most in-demand remote roles this year.

Call Centre Representative

Taking the top spot on Randstad’s list, call centre reps can expect to be in high demand in 2021.

While working from home isn’t for everyone, the company’s data suggests that remote customer service teams are both more efficient and happier when they’re away from the office.

Administrative Assistant

This role has earned a high position both on this list and on Randstad’s overall top jobs of 2021 list, too.

A lot of tasks can be done from home, including coordinating meetings, taking memos, managing reports and more.

This means many administrative assistants could have the freedom to stay out of the office if they’d prefer, or return to a traditional work environment if that suits them.

Help Desk & IT Support

If you’re good at working with social media platforms, online programs and have a flair for customer service, you’re likely to be ahead of the game this year.

With E-commerce sales sky-rocketing and customers now looking for help online (rather than in person) the need for skilled staff in this field has grown significantly.

HR Administrator

Randstad explains that due to the pandemic, HR administrators have become more important than ever.

They’re dealing with “pressing issues” like hiring freezes, layoffs, and helping employees adapt to new realities.

This means they’ll be super valuable over the next 12 months and it’s likely that companies will be looking to hire Canadians with experience in similar roles.

IT Consultant

“The digital revolution is here and happening at lightning speed,” explains the recruitment company's top-job list.

This means businesses are hiring people who are skilled in online performance optimization, as well as new ways of using technology.

Whether these employees will be helping to fix issues that customers encounter or those happening behind the scenes, they’re going to be essential this year.

Data Analyst

Randstad is calling this period a “time of unprecedented technological growth.”

This means larger companies need staff who can explore data related to marketing trends, sales performances, website and social media efficiency, and more.

It’s easy to do this work remotely, which makes those with related skills even more valuable to employers this year.

Digital Marketer

If you can embrace technology, edit videos and content and are skilled when it comes to social media, you’re going to be in demand in 2021.

According to Randstad, people with talents in these fields are going to be particularly essential during the ongoing pandemic as the majority of their work can easily be done from home.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pandemic has created a need for financially-savvy employees.

This includes accountants who can provide “financially sound reporting and expertise.”

“A lot of account work has become digitized, which means it can be done online and often from anywhere,” explains the report.

Social Media Manager

Once again, those with social media skills will be sought after by companies and businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s become an essential communication tool over the last year, with customers using these platforms to find business information and support, in addition to general shopping.

Randstad notes that it’s as important as ever to “tread lightly to avoid coming off as tone deaf or opportunistic,” meaning that talented social media managers will be extremely desirable.

Project Manager

If you’re talented when it comes to organization, meeting timelines, and delegation, stepping into a project management role could be for you.

This year, project managers are expected to be in high demand as companies move their operations online and shift to a remote work setting.

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