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A Stunning Private Island Is For Sale In Ontario & It's Cheaper Than A City Condo

Island life suddenly seems so affordable! 😍
A Stunning Private Island Is For Sale In Ontario & It's Cheaper Than A City Condo

If you thought a whole private island would be totally out of your budget, think again. There's a stunning private island for sale in Ontario that's got multi-million dollar views and an adorable propety to match. Better still, it's cheaper than some Toronto houses!

Island JD 181, located on Lake Huron's North Channel, is a gorgeous private island with more than two sprawling acres of land.

Not only does this slice of paradise offer picturesque views and privacy, the homestead, a fully insulated two-storey cottage, is also super cozy and chock-full of amenities.

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The two-bedroom and one-bathroom home come equipped with everything you need to live a life of comfort on the island: plumbing, electricity and an outhouse with plenty of room for storage.

The cottage's cedar interior also features pine flooring and updated windows, so you can enjoy the classic rustic ambiance while still feeling modern.

Amongst the island's most exciting amenities are its separate sauna and solar-powered boathouse.

You can spend the summer months boating and enjoying the extraordinary turquoise water, and the fall soaking up the heat in your sauna. Talk about the best of both worlds!

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If you're a nature lover with a palette for fresh fruit, you'll also be keen to try the island's wild blueberry bushes, which are ripe for the picking.

Owning an island alone is basically the biggest flex you can spring on someone, but the fact that you can pick your very own fruit salad on it is a pretty nice touch, eh?

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Overall, the island offers a unique experience for a surprisingly affordable price.

When you compare it to what you could get in Toronto, suddenly the idea of buying getting a whole private island is even more appealing.

Condos in the 6ix cost approximately $600,000 on average, so this feels like a seriously good deal!

If you're looking for something a little more inland, you could always check out these cheap but adorable Ontario cottages.

Ontario Private Island 

Price: $ 259,900

Address: Lake Huron's North Channel, Thessalon

Description: You could nab a little slice of private Ontario paradise, for cheaper than some Toronto homes. With your own backyard fruit farm and an adorable house to match, it's a  once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity worth relocating for!

Island JD 181 | Private Islands Online

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