Tornado Spotted Tearing A Boat Apart In Quebec (VIDEO)

Environment Canada has confirmed.
Quebec's First Tornado of 2020
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing

It's official! Quebec's first tornado of the year has hit and it was spotted tearing a boat apart. Environment Canada has confirmed that on June 24, a tornado touched down early afternoon in the Lac-Saint-Jean region. 

The tornado was rated EF0 with winds up to 130 km/h. Although the tornado didn't last very long, the video shows just how powerful it was.

In the video, it shows the tornado flipping a party-boat through the air and ripping it apart. It's a good thing no one was partying on it at the time. 

In case you were trying to figure out what is being said in the video, someone was attempting to walk passed the person filming to go outside and see the tornado up close. The person filming was just basically saying, "Hey, don't push me outside." 

Jeremy Hazan
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing