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Queen’s Students Can't Stop Breaking Rules Even After Last Week’s House Party Outbreak

Police issued fines at several parties over the weekend.

It seems that some Queen's University students are not allowing last week's outbreak to deter their partying.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Kingston city bylaw officers were forced to shut down a number of illegal gatherings this past weekend.

Two gathering hosts were also given hefty fines, reports the outlet.

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$880 Reopening Act Fines given to Kingston partiers on Saturday

Kingston Police shut down a party on William Street at approximately 12:35 a.m. on Saturday evening with around 40 people in attendance, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

Just last week, a house party in Kingston was confirmed to be the site of an outbreak, resulting in at least five positive COVID-19 cases.

Everyone in attendance was asked to self-monitor for any symptoms for 14 days.

The city of Kingston has seen so many parties since the start of the academic year that it has been called an "outbreak incubator."

A professor of the university said that students have treated his Kingston neighbourhood "like a giant outdoor bar."