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Ragu Tomato Sauce Is Leaving Canada & They're Not Saying Why

Canadians making pasta for dinner are going to have one less choice when it comes to sauces. Ragu sauces in Canada were discontinued by the company. The company doesn't appear to be saying why the decision was made.

The revelation comes from several responses from Ragu on Twitter to customers who expressed frustration on not being able to find the products at their local grocery stores.

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"@ragusauce what happened to you in canada? I haven't been able to get ragu for a long time. Every store I go to have 0 ragu in stock going on months now," asked user @switch_bot on August 10.

The official Ragu account replied, writing "We regret to inform you that RAGÚ® has made the hard decision to exit the Canadian pasta-sauce market. We hope that you have enjoyed the delicious taste of RAGÚ® and are very sorry for any inconvenience. For further questions please visit our website at"

A scroll through the sauce brand's feed of tweets and replies reveals that they have given the same stock answer to everyone who inquired about the brand seemingly disappearing from the country.

Ragu's parent company, Mizkan, did not have any further information on the decision available on their website.

Narcity has requested a comment from Mizkan and the story will be updated when we receive a response.

The Canadian Ragu website is currently still active. However, there are no further pages beyond the ones for privacy and terms of use. Listed products cannot be clicked for more info.

While there has not been a reason given for the choice to pull the sauces from the Canadian market, Sylvain Charlebois, professor of food distribution and policy in the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University, wrote in an August 19 article that people are starting to cook with fresh ingredients more often.

He added that this meant some brands and products, particularly prepared foods often found in the middle of grocery stores, might start to disappear. He did not mention any specific brands.