If you are a fan of Netflix's holiday series A Christmas Prince, then you need to see this extraordinary Vancouver Tudor mansion for sale.

The majestic "Rosemary Estate" would be perfect for Amber and Richard if they made the fourth installment in the popular series.


The Tudor style mansion was builtin in 1912 but has undergone a multi-million dollar restoration.

It is now fit for royalty, with gold accents, rich ruby walls, and multiple sparkling chandeliers.

Many of the rooms, like study with dark wood-panelled walls, or bedroom with ornate wallpapers, look nearly identical to the castle in the previous films.

Everything here is grande, from the 11 fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, 12 bathrooms, to the red carpet lined hallways.

Plus, there are 12 bedrooms, so plenty of space if Princess Emily or Queen Helena wish to visit.

Connected to the main building, is also a coach house with three additional rooms for a butler, chef and housekeeper.

Tudor Castle

Price: $26,988,000

Address: 3689 Selkirk Street, Vancouver, BC

Description: Every day would feel like you are in a romantic movie inside this fairytale worthy dwelling.

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