Every once in a while, a cheap house for sale in Ontario comes along that seems too good to be true. Go ahead and pinch yourself, though, because this place is real. Located in Haliburton County, this beautifully renovated historic home is a painter's paradise.

This house doubles as an art gallery and studio, steps from downtown Minden, Ontario.

Downstairs, you'll find spacious rooms with grey plank floors and natural light.

Colourful paintings adorn the walls, which give you ideas about how to brighten up the space with artwork.

Upstairs is an "upscale pied-terre" apartment, complete with a kitchen and renovated bathroom.

The home also has a new enclosed porch and backyard, with steps that take you down to a separate seating area.

If art is your calling, this home could be the perfect place to explore your passion and hang your work up on display.

What's truly remarkable about this listing is the price. The home is listed at $299,000, cheaper than new bachelor condos in downtown Toronto.

It's far from the only affordable gem in Ontario, though. There are homes on private islands and near white sand beaches for similar prices.

Considering the fact that you now need to earn $135,000 per year to be considered middle class in Toronto, perhaps a simpler life in the Ontario countryside is in your future. 

Art Gallery and Studio Home

Price: $299,000

Address: 15 Newcastle St., Minden, Ontario

Description: A renovated historic home with space for an art gallery and studio downstairs, a cozy apartment upstairs and a large enclosed patio.

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