A Redditor Asked For Advice On Scoring A Cheap Cell Phone Plan In Canada & People Delivered

"Cellphone plans are the biggest scam in Canada. Are there any other options?"

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A person holding a cell phone.

A person holding a cell phone.

If inflation in Canada has you looking for ways to save money and pinch pennies, you might want to have a look at a recent Reddit thread where someone asked for advice on how to nab a cheap phone plan in Canada.

On the forum r/PersonalFinanceCanada, a user said, "Cellphone plans are the biggest scam in Canada. Are there any other options?" and over 900 people weighed in.

"The trick is getting a phone plan on Black Friday," advised one user. "Don’t shop around during regular days. My plan is $40 a month for 50GB of data and unlimited talk/text."

"Can confirm, I have an insane Black Friday deal 25$/ 15 GB for 24 months with 100$ best buy gift card!" said another.

"As others have already echoed, you need to hop on the Black Friday Deals," another confirmed. "I’m on a $30/20gb plan through Virgin, and my subsequent lines are $25/20gb. Currently paying about $115/monthly for 4 lines.

"Of course, you have to purchase your phones outright for this, but you save a lot through plans and aren’t tied down to any carrier."

Others advised to tell your provider that you're leaving them to join another carrier and see what they offer as retention, but people had varying degrees of success with that tactic.

"It's mostly luck that you get a rep who cares enough to try," explained a user. "I've used this tip every time and had a grand total of 0 offers to retain my business. Both large and small carriers."

"Fido called me for a retention plan after I left. I got 25gb for $40, no contact and the plan is available for as long as I want," shared another. "I then got an offer to move up to 35 gb for $42."

Another Redditor shared an unexpected tip to knock a few dollars off your bill by getting your plan through a third-party company.

"I got my Koodo plan through Mobile Klinik instead of through Koodo, which got me an additional $5 a month off of the Koodo plan," they explained.

With all of this advice, the original poster thanked the community.

"Wow! This got some attention! Thank you all for the advice," they wrote. "Definitely I'll look into it."

"And for those who think that paying $70-$100/month for a cellphone plan is normal...well... continue paying! Take care y'all!"

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