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9 Memes About The Rogers Outage In Canada That Are So Relatable It Hurts (PHOTOS)

Telus is looking SO GOOD today.

Toronto Staff Writer
People gather outside a Starbucks to use Wi-Fi. Right: Rogers building in Toronto.

People gather outside a Starbucks to use Wi-Fi. Right: Rogers building in Toronto.

Remember when we all thought a picture of Kim Kardashian broke the internet? Well, today, Rogers' service actually did.

Canada is facing countrywide outages, and so many Rogers customers have been going without Wi-Fi or reliable cell service for hours.

While this definitely isn't convenient, with Ontario police even warning residents of the difficulty in reaching 911, some funny memes have been forged from the fires of this debacle.

Starbucks became a service provider 

It's not unusual to see a big lineup at Starbucks, but thanks to the Rogers outage, it turned into a watering hole for remote workers and anyone in desperate need of Wi-Fi.

This Twitter user snapped some pics of a busy Starbucks filled with people on their laptops and mobile devices, writing, "In Canada today, Starbucks takes Rogers' spot on list of biggest internet service providers."

Even Rogers probs went to Starbs

Another Twitter user poked fun at Rogers, saying even the internet provider probably had to visit their local Starbucks to send out its apology tweet. "ROGERS: 'QUICK! Someone run down to Starbucks and send this!'"

Back to ye olde days

Rogers customers across Canada are getting a taste of simpler times. This Twitter user couldn't help but crack a joke by posting an old-timey photo of a family in bonnets, captioning it, "When ⁦Rogers⁩ is your internet provider."

Rogers is now part of an infamous trio...

"So, Rogers, Air Canada and BC Ferries walk into a bar...," tweeted another user. Sheesh.

Shampoo bottles became premium content again 

Kim's Convenience actor Andrew Phung hopped in on the fun and tweeted, "Rogers is down. Had to read a shampoo bottle while sitting on the toilet like a chump. Not gonna lie, all these years later, the bottle still holds up."

Rogers sales can't stop, won't stop

Someone spotted a Rogers salesperson and posted a pic of them to Twitter with the caption: "Worst day to be a Rogers salesman #rogersoutage."

Several other users replied with the question we're all asking: "How is he making a phone call from his cell phone? Rogers employee must be on Bell."

People went bananas

Someone went as far as to make a banana phone, tweeting a pic of it with the caption, "Rogers system down, I am turning to an alternative method of communication. Call me on my banana phone. You know what to do!" Ring, ring, ring...

Bell's ads started seeming petty AF

Bell is not passing up a prime advertising opportunity, and this Twitter user is here for it.

"Bell putting out ads during the Rogers outage is so petty but I'm kind of living for it," reads their tweet.

Bell, meanwhile, tweeted that their service was working just fine — unless you're trying to connect with a Rogers customer, that is.

Rogers hard at work

Someone let their imagination run wild about what the Rogers support team is up to. This Twitter user posted a hilarious pic of someone with their hands on their hips in front of a cabinet of hardware and wires captioned, "Rogers trying to fix their outage."

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