The Rogers Outage Messed Up The Weeknd's Concert Plans & The Fan Reactions Are Rough (VIDEOS)

A little boy dressed up as the Weeknd was spotted crying.

The Weeknd. Right: Rogers Centre.

The Weeknd. Right: Rogers Centre.

The Weeknd had to cancel his long-awaited Toronto concert due to the Canada-wide Rogers outage and fans were devastated.

The After Hours Til Dawn show was set to take place on Friday, July 8, at the Rogers Centre and had already been rescheduled multiple times, with some fans waiting to see the performer since 2020.

The Weeknd posted a statement on Twitter a few minutes after 7:30 p.m., sharing that he was "crushed and heartbroken."

"Been at the venue all day, but it's out of our hands because of the Rogers outage. Operations and safety are compromised and I tried my absolute best. This one hurts the most and we will make this show happen, but unfortunately not tonight. I know how long you've been waiting and how hard a lot of you worked to make it to this show and experience this special moment with me," reads the statement.

"I can't wait to see you all."

The Toronto Blue Jays Twitter account confirmed that a new date for the show will be shared "ASAP" and that tickets will be honoured.

Fans were waiting outside the Rogers Centre when news of the cancellation broke and were caught on video chanting "f**k Rogers" according to a tweet.

Another fan expressed their anger on Twitter, writing, "The Weeknd concert really got cancelled 20 min before it started, AFTER I got ready and was already dt??? I'm mad at hell, f**k Toronto and f**k Rogers."

In a photo posted to Twitter, a small child is seen crying in the street dressed up in the Weeknd's iconic red and black suit.

The Weeknd reposted the tweet, asking for someone to find the young boy for him.

A frustrated fan took to Twitter and replied to a RogersHelps tweet with, "I'd like a refund not only for my Rogers bill, but for my gas and parking in Toronto since the Weeknd concert was cancelled 20 minutes before it was supposed to start....thanks to you... ROGERS!!"

The Weeknd and Drakewell-known for joining artists onstage in Toronto — were later spotted in Yorkville.

A TikTok user posted a video of the Weeknd on Saturday, July 9, on a balcony in Yorkville with the caption: "Rogers sucks but this was super worth it😭."

@snc16 Rogers sucks but this was super worth it😭 @The Weeknd #toronto #yorkville #theweeknd #concert #theweekndconcert ♬ Is There Someone Else? - The Weeknd

Another TikTok user posted a video of Drake walking in Yorkville and confirmed the spotting took place after the concert was cancelled on July 8.

A new date for the Toronto-born star has yet to be released, but once it is, fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that it doesn't get cancelled again.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.