The Weeknd Flew Out A Little Boy Who Cried After His Cancelled Toronto Show & It Was Epic

"I'll cherish it forever, and I know he will too."

The Weeknd and Phoenix Prince.

The Weeknd and Phoenix Prince.

6-year-old Phoenix Prince and his dad Blake Prince were flown out to Philadelphia to meet The Weeknd at his concert thanks to one person's viral tweet.

The die-hard fan attended his first Weeknd concert after three concert cancellations with the help of the internet and his now iconic red blazer.

On July 8, Blake and Phoenix made it to downtown Toronto from Hamilton to see The Weeknd live and in style.

Blake told Narcity that Phoenix insisted on dressing up in the Weeknd's outfit from his music video Blinding Lights, hoping to score a wave in the crowd or have Abel Tesfaye notice him.

Unfortunately, Phoenix didn't get his chance because the Canada-wide Rogers outage sabotaged the show, and for the third time in his short life, a Weeknd concert Phoenix had planned to attend had been cancelled.

Since they were already in Toronto, Blake took Phoenix to the aquarium, but the little guy wasn't ready to give up hope yet.

"He said, 'Can we go take a walk around the arena and maybe we'll find The Weeknd?' and I was like, 'I don't know how much of a reality that will be, but let's do it anyways,'" said Blake.

So the pair walked around the arena, and although they didn't see The Weeknd there, Blake says other attendees quickly took notice of Phoenix's outfit.

The viral tweet

"He was getting a lot of attention from the crowds chanting like 'Abel' or 'The Weeknd' at him, and I think at one point on our second lap around the arena, he just broke down and got upset," Blake shared.

"I think it started to hit him that he wasn't going to see this concert, and it got to him. I really wanted to console him, and my shoulder was just drenched because he was bawling like big alligator tears."

As they had their moment, a passerby snapped a photo of the two and posted it to Twitter.

Just a few hours later, the Weeknd reposted the tweet and asked his fans to help him find Phoenix.

Meeting Abel

The duo headed back to Hamilton, and soon after, Blake's phone was blowing up with notifications as the Internet collectively came together in search of Phoenix.

Just two days later, The Weekend's management team reached out to Blake with the offer of a lifetime.

"They said, 'We saw your story, and we're so sorry that happened. We love Phoenix, and we love his jacket. Abel was really touched by the story, and we would love to fly your son and you out to Philadelphia for his next show,'" said Blake.

By Wednesday, July 13, Blake and Phoenix were on a first-class flight to Philadelphia.

That night in the hotel, as Phoenix slept, Blake got an email saying that along with all access tickets, they would get to meet Abel backstage.

"Knowing that was going to be a reality, I couldn't go back to sleep," said Blake.

The next day they arrived at the stadium hours before the concert and were given the ultimate VIP treatment. Phoenix got a tour of the stadium to meet the band and the backup dancers, played with the soundboard and got a behind-the-scenes look at the stage set up before his one-on-one with The Weeknd.

Blake and Phoenix were at the catering station when they were asked if they were ready to meet him.

"They took us into this room, and there he was, just waiting behind this curtain. He gave Phoenix the biggest hug, and yeah, it was just beautiful," said Blake.

"He just spent as much time as he could with us, and it was just amazing."

Phoenix brought The Weeknd some drawings and Oreos, and the pair hung out and chatted for about half an hour, snapping some adorable pictures backstage before he had to go.

According to Blake, The Weekend's team set them up with a box to watch the show and all access passes. So, the two of them made the most out of it and watched the show from their box, the front row, and all around the stadium.

Blake says tons of people recognized Phoenix at the concert and asked to take about a hundred photos with him.

The Weeknd even waved to Phoenix while he was on stage, which he thinks will be another "core memory."

After their whirlwind adventure, the pair were sent home on yet another first-class flight, with bags full of merch and goodies.

"I'll cherish it forever, and I know he will too."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.