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6 Resolutions Floridians Say They'll Do To Ring In The New Year, According To A Local

But do we actually ever follow through?

Miami Beach. Right: Associate Editor, Jenna Kelley, pouring a glass of champagne.

Miami Beach. Right: Associate Editor, Jenna Kelley, pouring a glass of champagne.

Fotoluminate | Dreamstime, Jenna Kelley | Narcity
Florida Associate Editor

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

It's now 2023, which means New Year's resolutions are in full swing...well, at least they should be. For Floridians, there are usually specific types of aspirations locals hope to achieve that are unique to the Sunshine State.

As someone born and raised here, I definitely set these goals, which I would hope to see turn into habits. But let's be honest, do we ever really follow through with them the whole year? Some of them, sure, but least we try!

With a whole year ahead of us, it's time to list the most common goals I've heard my whole life that people try and resolve annually.

We say we'll go to the beach way more than we actually do.

Florida is known for their clear water beaches and sunny days that radiate your skin with warmth. You might say to yourself, "if I lived here, I would be here every day," because you're on vacation.

Many locals try and make it a point to go and enjoy it more, but let's face it, not everyone lives close by. This alone makes it a hassle. Also, not everyone has the schedule to go frequently and many take it for granted.

The beauty of this resolution is that it's not seasonal. You have 365 new days for this promise to yourself.

We set a budget to live better, but the real estate market won't quit.

Price tags and penny-pinching are things you wish you never had to look at or do again. In reality, if you want to live comfortably in the Sunshine State, you might have to budget.

However, this is difficult when rental and housing prices are skyrocketing with no sign of relief.

We can make a resolution to budget, but discipline throughout the year is required to not give up or get discouraged.

We say we'll exercise outside more, but we're fooling ourselves come summer time.

This typically is a seasonal excitement. It's gorgeous weather in the wintertime and springtime where you can be out in the sun at 70 degrees and barely even break a sweat exercising.

If you're serious about this type of resolution, don't stop once summer hits and those cool temps hike into the triple digits.

We say we'll clean more, but we still need pest control, especially if you live near the water.

No matter how much you clean your home or apartment in Florida, especially if you leave near any body of water, you bet you'll see some sort of roach or pest.

It's a productive resolution to start cleaning more often, but when things don't go according to plan and you still need a pest control expert, you must remember what you promised yourself on New Year's Eve.

We say we'll cook more, but we want to get to the new restaurants before the tourists do.

Cooking is soothing to the soul and it's a great resolution to help with your budget goals.

However, every time we say we'll do it more, so many new restaurants start opening their doors out of the woodwork.

It's so hard not to be enticed to go to all the fresh eateries in the major metro areas before the tourists get to them, but sometimes you need to remember the intentions you set for 2023.

We say we'll invest in our skin care routine, but who needs moisturizer when it's so humid out?

Self-care is a beneficial practice and, of course, it is a soothing habit. Whether it's face creams or spa days, people always make this one of their resolutions to be "better".

In Florida, it's so humid outside, you start to question if this self-care moisturizer routine is even worth it!

I can joke about it all I want, but it is a small practice in your daily habits that you have to be on top of.

So, when you run out of product, it's important to make sure you aren't just "falling off" on your self-care routine out of convenience...and try not to use the weather as an excuse to not moisturize.

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