The World's Biggest & Fastest Single-Rail Roller Coaster Is Set To Open In 2021 (VIDEO)

It's called the Jersey Devil.
Six Flags Great Adventure Jersey Devil Coaster

The world's biggest, fastest and longest single-track roller coaster is on track to open at Six Flags Great Adventure this year.

The theme park, located in New Jersey, announced the addition of the Jersey Devil Coaster back in 2019. 

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The record-breaking thrill ride has been under construction since then, but the final pieces were put in place in January. 

"[On January 25] we added the last piece of track on our new coaster," Kristin Fitzgerald at Six Flags Great Adventure shared with Narcity. 

"This was a huge milestone, although the project still has quite a long way to go," Fitzgerald added. 

The Jersey Devil is a coaster of legendary proportions — it towers 13 stories high, travels at speeds up to 58 miles per hour and has over 3,000 feet of track.

The cutting-edge ride climbs to the top of the 130-foot lift hill and then plunges down an 87-degree vertical drop. 

As the coaster continues on its path, riders will be thrilled by a 180-degree stall, a raven dive, and a zero-gravity roll.

One of the most unique parts: since the coaster is single-track, passengers sit in a single-file line rather than next to each other.

The coaster was originally meant to open in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic put plans on hold.

Since the final pieces of the track were put in place, the theme park expects the ride to be fully completed by the end of the season.