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This Arizona Stargazing Tour Will Take You On A Cosmic Journey Through The Desert

Living in a big city or even a small suburb normally blocks millions of gorgeous stars from your view.

Luckily, the desert town of Sedona, Arizona offers the opportunity to view stars and galaxies that you have probably never seen before with their incredible stargazing tour.

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The tour will take you to an observing station about 20 minutes outside west Sedona, where you will meet with professional astronomers who will guide you on a journey through the cosmos.

The tour uses powerful laser pointers to help you point out constellations and other twinkly wonders.

The highlight of the trip will easily be having access to the organization's high-powered telescope, which will allow you to get up close and personal with planets, galaxies and nebulas.

Sedona Stargazing Tour

Price: $105/person

Address: 1890 W. State Route 89A Suite E., Sedona, AZ

Why You Need To Go: So much of our galaxy is left unseen due to light pollution, but the stargazing tour will open up the night sky in ways you have never seen.

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