6 Things You Need To Know About Roberta Battaglia, The Canadian On ‘America’s Got Talent’

She's been singing since the tender age of three!
Roberta Battaglia From America's Got Talent

A star is born! You may have recently come across a video of Roberta Battaglia from America's Got Talent, a young Canadian singer who blew judges away with her performance of "Shallow." Her voice impressed the judges so much that they rewarded her with the Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to Hollywood.

In her interview on the hit reality show, Battaglia opened up about her life in Ontario, but people have been dying to know more about the talented starlet.

She's spent much of her life singing for audiences throughout the 6ix alongside her father, but she's got a lot more going for her than just her voice!

It will be several weeks before we're able to see the Toronto-born performer take the stage again, but in the meantime, here's everything you should know about the Canadian with some serious star power.

She's only 10 years old

Before her unforgettable performance on America's Got Talent earlier this month, Battaglia shocked the judges when she revealed that she's only 10 years old.

According to Idea City, she was born in Toronto in 2009 and began singing at just three years old.

She gets her incredible voice from her dad

Zoomer Radio reports that the Toronto native was born into a musical family and that she's performed alongside her father at various community events, galas, and charity functions.

"My dad was an engineer at a local radio station and he would sing at local restaurants, and I would sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when he would leave the microphone on the floor," Battaglia explained in her AGT clip.

"She had the courage to be in front of people and start singing," her mom said.

She's dealt with bullies in the past

After wowing judges with her rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow," the 10-year-old opened up about her past struggles with bullies.

Simon Cowell offered some great advice, saying, "We hear this, unfortunately, a lot, but there’s one way you win over bullies, it’s by being happy and successful. Bullies are always threatened about talented people, so in a weird way, it’s a compliment."

Her parents are Italian

According to Mississauga Italfest, Battaglia's father, Alessandro moved to Canada from Italy not long before his daughter was born.

He released a CD titled Dammi Una Ragione a few years back, which features his hit song, "Poi Non Ti Ho Visto Piu”.

Thanks to her father's roots, the up and coming star sings in both English and Italian.

She has other creative talents

At the start of her AGT clip, we see Battaglia making bracelets with her mother. As it turns out, this is a regular hobby of hers, and she's even sold them to raise money for the SickKids charity.

During a Breakfast Television segment, the singer explained that it was something that she already knew how to do, and she decided that it would be a "creative" way for her to raise money for a great cause.

At the time the clip had been released, Battaglia had been donating money to SickKids for about a year and a half.

Her dream is to sing with Pink

During another outstanding performance, the 10-year-old sang "What About Us" by Pink, who just so happens to be one of her idols that she would love to perform with.

While on air at Zoomer Radio, she also mentioned that Etta James and Aretha Franklin are two of her favourite artists.

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