Now that Roll Up To Win 2021 is underway, people are wondering why they're not earning rolls when they redeem Tims Rewards points or their winnings.

Tim Hortons has received a lot of questions about this on Twitter and they've set the record straight now.

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With the contest this year, items you get by redeeming Roll Up to Win prizes, Tims Rewards points or Tims It Forward gifts do not earn you rolls.

So, if you're redeeming a free coffee prize that you won with a roll, you won't get another opportunity to play.

Tims said that earning rolls requires a purchase of $0.50 which is why you don't get them when using points or winning rolls but you'll get one for each eligible item in your order. 

All hot beverages excluding espresso shots, all cold beverages excluding ready-to-drink beverages like juice, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps are eligible.

Since "please play again" has been retired, every roll is a winner and there are so many prizes you can get

In case you haven't heard, Roll Up To Win is entirely digital this year so how to play is a bit different.