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A man from the U.K. moved to America one month ago and posted to TikTok sharing his "icks" about the U.S. He moved with his boyfriend to San Francisco, CA, but, apparently, his list applies to more than just California.

The couple Matt and Omar have a dual TikTok account (@matt_and_omar) and share their experience throughout their moving journey. While one partner is North American, the other is from the U.K. and stepped into a bit of a culture shock when he arrived in the U.S.

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This California Airbnb brings vacationing in the woods to new heights. It's a serene and modern treehouse with an incredible ocean view in Aptos, CA, making it a cozy respite high in the sky with you and your besties.

You and six guests can rent the three-bedroom space comfortably and it's super affordable. With a price tag of $389/night, it can be less than $70/night per person with full occupancy.

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The Golden State is home to so many enchanting small towns, including Nevada City, CA, and it looks like a destination straight out of the hit TV series, Gilmore Girls.

Located in the California mountains, it is incredibly reminiscent of the show's setting, Stars Hollow, and you can practically picture Lorelai and Rori Gilmore's whereabouts around the area.

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California's golden coastline is home to a plethora of quaint, tiny towns that are the perfect destination for escaping the daily grind of city life.

Arcata, CA, also known as "Hippie Haven," is a hidden gem in Humboldt County that is home to a beautiful array of beaches and natural forests.

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California's golden coast is filled with hidden gems and charming beach towns that make perfect road trip destinations.

This road map will guide you through six of the Pacific Coast's hidden gems, where you can stop and enjoy the natural beauty that the Golden State has to offer.

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