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This Hidden Tiki Bar In Savannah Will Transport You To Hawaii

Get a taste of the tropics without ever leaving Georgia! 🗿🏝️

Visiting a tropical island is one thing that may be on many a person's bucket list. Traveling might not be ideal at the moment though — not to mention it's not cheap and can take a while to save for a trip to those sandy shores, after all. If you want a taste of those tropical vibes right now without the price tag for a trip abroad, you can head to this hidden tiki bar in Savannah that'll make you feel like you've been transported right to Hawaii.

The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar is a hidden gem right in the heart of Downtown Savannah, Georgia. You'll find it sitting above the famous oyster bar, Sorry Charlie's.

This bar gives off a uniquely funky and fun vibe as soon as you walk in. The decor looks like something you would find at a beach-side island eatery.

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The Bamboo Room's official website says that their space features a collection of artifacts from all around the world, including gems from personal collections and even one-of-a-kind items that have been hand-carved.

The dine and drink menu is extensive, offering a variety of tropical tastes. Tiki drinks, frozen cocktails, and island-inspired snacks are just waiting to be indulged in.

Grab a Charlie Don't Surf, made with White Rum, Amaro, coconut, and pineapple. Or you can chill out with a frozen Bananas Forsyth that has Anejo Rum, Licor 43, banana, vanilla, and lemon in it.

Drinks come in cute glasses, mugs, and unique cups, some even shaped like tiki dudes. Not only will your drink taste like you're on the beach, but your cup will match the vibes.

Their rum selection comes from all around the world, so you might even be able to try a cocktail creation you've never tasted before.

The Bamboo Room even offers massive share-able drinks, so you and your friends can suck down a tropical drink together.

The Caribbean Punch and Bonadventure come in huge themed bowls, while the Boo Loo comes in a giant pineapple.

If you're looking for a bite to eat to pair with your cocktails, grab some oysters downstairs at Sorry Charlie's and then end the night with The Bamboo Room's drinks that feel like they came straight from the island.

The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar

Price: 💸💸

Address: 116 W Congress St., Savannah, GA 

Why You Need To Go: This hidden tiki bar will transport you to a tropical oasis with tiki-style drinks and decor.