A female body was found by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office in Georgia near a set of railroad tracks in Allenhurst Tuesday afternoon, but it turns out that it wasn't quite what everyone was thinking.

What police officers thought to be a deceased human body, was actually a sex doll that looked so realistic it fooled everyone.

Once the coroner came to the scene, detectives began checking the body for injuries and immediately realized it was a sex doll. Detectives said it was anatomically correct, with realistic features and was fully dressed.

CBS 46

The officers covered the "body" with a sheet until the coroner arrived because department policy states that deputies can't touch a body until they're on the scene.

Detective Mike Albritton told CBS 46 that this was an incident the department has never run into before.

At this time, Liberty County Sheriff's haven't announced if they will investigate further.

Via CBS 46