7 Scary Movies Set In Canada To Watch On Halloween That'll Make You Terrified Of This Country

The Great FRIGHT North. 💀😱

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Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. Right: Devery Jacobs in Blood Quantum.

Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. Right: Devery Jacobs in Blood Quantum.

Most Canadian knows that it's all too common to see big Hollywood movies filmed in Canada.

Movies and TV shows like It, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Final Destination all are American films or series, but prominently feature Canadian locales pretending to be elsewhere.

But, there are actually loads of movies set in Canada that feature Canadian cities actually playing themselves. Wild, right?

From iconic slashers from the 70s to zombie flicks released in the last few years, here are some Canadian horror movies to add to your binge-watching list this Halloween season!

Black Christmas (1974)

Don't be fooled, there's nothing jolly about this flick.

Featuring some iconic Toronto locations such as U of T and more, this movie follows a university sorority being stalked by an unseen and unknown killer.

Not only does it feature some great 1970s Canadian locations, it still does a great job of genuinely unsettling audiences, even today.

Streaming on Tubi and Shudder.

Ginger Snaps (2000)

Werewolves in Canada! This classic early-2000s Canadian horror is about two sisters living in a small Canuck suburb.

One of them gets attacked by an unknown creature and, well, you can maybe guess what happens next.

A hint: it involves the full moon.

Streaming on Amazon Prime and CTV.

Blood Quantum (2019)

This zombie flick is set on an Indigenous reservation in Quebec in 1981 and offers an interesting twist on the genre.

In the movie, all of the Indigenous people are immune to the zombie virus and the film features them dealing with the consequences of that.

It's an entertaining flick as well as a thoughtful exploration of colonialism in Canada. On a sad note, the film's director, Jeff Barnaby, recently passed away.

Streaming on Crave and CBC Gem.

​The Fly (1986)

A classic of 1980s horror. This sci-fi-flecked movie features some iconic Toronto locations, as well as some iconically gross special effects.

It's about a scientist, played by Jeff Goldblum, who creates a teleportation device. However, a mistake leads to his DNA fusing with a house fly's and, well, things don't end well.

Plus, this film is directed by Canada's horror master David Cronenberg!

Streaming on Crave and Disney Plus.

The Ravenous (2017)

This movie set in Quebec is about a small rural town dealing with the aftermath of a zombie-like apocalypse.

The French-language film has won loads of awards, and deals with some pretty prescient themes about our modern society. But also has that zombie goodness all Walking Dead fans are looking for.

Streaming on CBC Gem.

​Pontypool (2008)

Taking place in the small Ontario town of Pontypool, this movie is about a radio DJ who starts to detail strange violent occurrences happening around the world.

Things start to get closer to their remote radio station as we find out that some sort of illness is spreading. But to say any more would be a spoiler!

Streaming on Amazon Prime and CBC Gem.

Antiviral (2012)

Directed by the son of David Cronenberg, Brandon, this movie deals with something we've all been thinking a lot about recently: germs.

In a world where a company sells viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans, a mysterious death causes a lowly employee of the company to start an investigation.

Expect lots of gross-ness!

Streaming on Netflix and CBC Gem.

So, there you have it Canada. Now you can enjoy spooks and scares while also spotting some familiar sights. Happy Halloween!

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