Have you met your real-life doppelganger yet? For some people, it's just a matter of time before you find out you have a famous twin. And in this case, one Washington model says she has been told "plenty of times" that she looks just like a member of the British royal family. This Meghan Markle lookalike has even had people come up to her to say the likeness is uncanny. What a compliment!

In an exclusive interview with Narcity, Hayden Dunham, 20, told us that people have gone up to her many times to tell her she looks exactly like the Suits star.

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A Pacific Northwest native, Dunham is from Bellingham, Washington, and is a model for Heffner Management, a modeling agency located in Seattle. 

When asked about her astonishing resemblance to The Duchess of Sussex, Dunham said that she could "sort of see it when my hair was straight and long."

She also said it's such a compliment when people mention the likeness.

That's not the only big-name Dunham has been compared to, though. On top of looking like the former Suits actress, Hayden has received comments about resembling two other well-known celebrities. 

Can you guess who they might be?

She said, "The only other celebrity I've been told I look like [is] Zendaya and Alicia Keys."

Although she hasn't been publically mistaken for Markle, Zendaya, and Keys, Hayden says that she has "definitely had people come up and say I look like Megan Markle!"

The likeness is undoubtedly unmistakable.

Some commenters on her Instagram photos have also compared her to celebrities with one person writing, "U literally look like Alicia keys I'm shook."

One thing is for sure — you might do a double-take if you happen to see Hayden in person!