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Housing costs in the city are so high that some condos and apartments cost anywhere from half a million to over a million dollars. An affordable option is this Lake Union houseboat for sale. The interior looks like an upscale and luxurious Seattle apartment, but for half of the cost.

The home is called "Peace," and it lives up to its name with its beautiful and modern interior.   

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If you're looking for the ultimate way to enjoy lake life, meet "Woonboot!" This beautiful home on the water sits on the shores of North Lake Union. This luxurious Seattle houseboat for sale is a real gem, with elegant modern touches throughout as well as a fantastic rooftop deck and spiral staircase. It's perfect for hosting parties and small get-togethers.  

Listed by Realogics Sotheby's, this abode is selling for $699K and features one bedroom and three-quarters of a bathroom.

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Houseboats are synonymous to Seattle just like Starbucks Coffee and the Fremont Troll, and the cutest houseboat just came on the market! It even has its very own nickname—“Orca.” She might be small, but this houseboat is genuinely an adorable addition to the Lake Union houseboat scene.  

“Orca” is listed on Realogics Sotheby's for $199,000 and floats over on the north side of Lake Union.

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