You can get extra money off your purchase with the Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Beauty Redemption Event when you redeem your PC Optimum points.

This in-store offer is available only when you use those points on beauty products like cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, jewelry and more.

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With this deal, you'll get up to $70 off when you redeem 50,000 PC Optimum points, which is an extra $20.

If you have 100,000 points to redeem, you'll get an extra $50 off for savings of up to $150; if you have 150,000 points, you'll get up to $225 off, which is $75 more than usual.

You can take advantage of this offer in select stores from March 15-19.

To make sure you get your Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win prizes now that the game is over, you'll have to reveal and redeem them before certain dates or else they'll be gone forever.

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Now that Roll Up To Win 2021 is underway, people are wondering why they're not earning rolls when they redeem Tims Rewards points or their winnings.

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There's a Shoppers Drug Mart points event happening for six days that gets you extra money off your purchase.

If you have a PC Optimum card, you can take advantage of the Bonus Redemption Event that's on now by redeeming your points.

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