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You Can Finally Hide Your Guilty Pleasures From Your Netflix Lists

At last, your movie mistakes won't haunt you anymore!

Rejoice! Your life just got a little bit easier thanks to a new feature that lets you remove shows and movies on Netflix from your Continue Watching list. Finally, you can test out a new series without committing to seeing it on your homepage every day if you decide it's just not for you.

According to the Netflix Help Center, the new feature is a fairly new addition to the streaming service but will help clear up your bulky queue. 

"You can remove TV shows or movies from the Continue Watching row with the latest version of the Netflix app on Android and iOS devices," the streamer writes.

It's a very easy two-step process that consists of first pressing the three little dots you see under the title that you want to remove.

Once you hit that button, a list of options will come up and you click the very last one that says "Remove From Row".

The ellipses button also opens up options including "Episodes And Info", "Download Episode", "Like", and "Not For Me".

Though these steps apply only to iPhone and Android, you can still alter your Continue Watching list on all other devices. 

On a separate help page, Netflix writes that "Hiding titles from viewing activity will also remove them from the Continue Watching row."

The quick steps begin with opening Netflix on a web browser, heading over to your account page, and clicking "Profile & Parental Controls" for the specific profile.

Next, choose "Viewing Activity" and click on the circle-backslash icon next to the specific title or episode you'd like to hide. 

This helpful new feature is one of many that the streamer has introduced in the past months.

Earlier this year, users were relieved to learn that they could finally get rid of autoplay trailers while they browse.

Shortly after, the "Top 10" feature was introduced which lets viewers see what other people in their country are enjoying most.

It may also bring you joy to know that you can request new shows and movies that you'd love to binge-watch on the platform.