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Simu Liu Posted A Throwback Pic Of The Start Of His 'Legendary Modelling Career' & LOL

It all began at Western University!

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Simu Liu smiling. Right: Sumi Liu also smiling.

Simu Liu smiling. Right: Sumi Liu also smiling.

As well as being an actual Marvel superhero, Simu Liu's time as a stock photo model is among his list of accomplishments that the internet loves to tease him with.

On Monday, April 11, the Canadian actor shared a tweet that featured a picture of himself back in his days at Western University in London, Ontario where he appears to be diving for a volleyball in a pretty dramatic fashion.

"This is where my legendary modeling career began," he said of the photo, which seems to be on the front of the spring exam schedule for the school.

He even got an invite back from his alma mater to try his hand at more modelling pics.

"You're welcome to come back anytime. We would be happy to do another photoshoot," Western tweeted along with the hashtag #AlwaysAMustang.

He got a few sweet messages on how he always keeps it real as well as a few poking fun at the picture.

"I just love how you embrace your time as a stock photo model - just shows everyone that a) you are very photogenic and b) there are many ways to start a great career," tweeted one person. "Keep on sharing those great pics. I‘m all here for it!"

"Yo did they straight up photoshop out your other leg?!" another asked about his seemingly missing limb.

This isn't the first time Liu has posted about his pictures from back in the day.

He recently declared himself to be "enemies" with Toshiba after they used one of his old stock photos where he happily points at something in what appears to be a business setting.

"Toshiba, whatever you paid for this photo, I guarantee you I would have endorsed you for less. Now we are enemies," Liu tweeted.

All in good fun!

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