Simu Liu Shared 'The Greatest Moment' Of His Life & Immediately Apologized To His Mom (PHOTO)

Chelsea Handler thinks he was getting handsy. 👀

Simu Liu smiling on the beach. Right: Simu Liu eating a chip with a shirt that ays "It's an honour just to be Asian."

Simu Liu smiling on the beach. Right: Simu Liu eating a chip with a shirt that ays "It's an honour just to be Asian."

From being an actual Marvel superhero to hosting Saturday Night Live, Simu Liu has accomplished some pretty impressive things during his career, but he recently had a standout moment.

On Wednesday, August 3, the Canadian celeb posted a pic to his Twitter of himself with none other than Brad Pitt.

"I think that maybe this was the greatest moment of my life yes definitely that's it right there sorry mom," Liu tweeted in one long run-on sentence.

People were quick to let him know that Pitt should also be honoured to be seen with Liu.

"Who is that? I bet he was psyched to get a photo with you," wrote one person.

"So cool. Simu is definitely a man of the people, and always has time for random hot dog vendors or whatever the old guy is," joked another.

Apparently posting on Twitter wasn't enough as Liu also shared the pic on Instagram.

"There is life before meeting Brad Pitt and then life after," he said about the photo on Instagram showing him smiling with Pitt and then looking not as happy on the red carpet. "So basically it’s all downhill from here."

"Are you guys holding hands in this pic?" Chelsea Handler asked in the comments.

"@chelseahandler I’m cupping his cheek," Liu replied alongside a peach emoji.

Liu and Handler recently hung out together when she guest-hostedJimmy Kimmel Livein late June where she ribbed him for announcing he was once voted one of Toronto's hottest bachelors very early on in his memoir We Were Dreamers.

"Well, the context of the way I introduced it in the book is that I really I admit to the reader — basically to the world — that I used to poop my pants quite frequently when I was a kid," Liu told her.

"And so to kind of help dull the blow of that I said, would now be a good time to introduce you the fact that I was one of Canada's hottest bachelors, just to be like, look where he's come," he explained.

The come-up is real!

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Sarah Rohoman
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