Chelsea Handler Skied Topless With A Canadian Sticker On Her Breast For Her Birthday (VIDEO)

What a way to celebrate! 🎉

​Chelsea Handler smiling.

Chelsea Handler smiling.

Chelsea Handler got down to pretty much her birthday suit to celebrate her birthday, and it looked like she had an absolute blast.

The American comedian took to Instagram on Friday, February 25 to share footage of how she spent her 47th birthday, which featured her wearing nothing but a pair of blue underwear, a sticker on each breast, and of course a helmet, because safety is important.

Her partner Jo Koy followed behind her on a snowmobile. He was also shirtless but did not have any stickers on his breasts.

"47. Doing all the things I love with the man I love," she captioned the post.

On one breast she used a sticker of the Canadian flag as a pastie, and on the other, the American flag. She decided to forego using ski poles so she could instead use her hands to hold a drink and what appears to be a marijuana joint.

This isn't the first time Handler has stripped down to go skiing. For her 46th birthday last year, she also took to the slopes sans shirt with the two flags covering her nipples and explained her love for Canada in her Insta caption.

"This is 46 (with some peptides) and as I transition into a mountain woman I want to give a big shout out to the two countries I have the strongest ties to," she wrote.

"America could learn a lot from Canada and Canada has learned a lot from America, and I'm learning that no matter what country I'm in, I like to take my clothes off and smile."

She also noted that it's important to celebrate your body no matter your age or size, which is a beautiful message.

Happy birthday, Chelsea!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.