Brad Pitt's New GQ Cover Is Freaking People Out & The Internet Has So Many Questions

"Like a wax figure, but slightly melted."

Brad Pitt on the cover of GQ Magazine.
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Brad Pitt on the cover of GQ Magazine.

Has age finally caught up with Brad Pitt, or did GQ Magazine photograph a wax figure instead of the real guy?

GQ released several photos of the 58-year-old actor for its upcoming summer issue on Wednesday, and the cover photo, in particular, is confusing people online.

The colourful image shows Pitt laying in what looks like a pond full of colourful flowers. He’s wearing a bright blue shirt and a gold locket around his neck, with one hand on his chest and a lizard crawling across his body.

But it’s the face that people can’t handle because the pale-looking actor is serving up a dead-eyed stare with a slight pout.

Basically, it’s a bad Blue Steel.

"He looks like a wax figure but slightly melted," said one of the top comments on GQ’s Instagram page.

"My boy looks like he laying in a casket," said another.

Several others said he looks like the late Ray Liotta – as in Liotta after his death.

"Why does it look like they tried to bring Ray Lotta back in Brad Pitt’s body," wrote one Twitter user.

The GQ issue itself doesn't explain the look, but it does include some interesting tidbits about Pitt. He admits in the profile that he spent years trying to find a legendary fortune under his French estate without success. He also told the magazine that he thinks he's on the "last leg" of his career.

The story includes more images from photographer Elizaveta Porodina, who also depicted Pitt floating Ophelia-style in a pond surrounded by lilies.

"It is a really surreal feeling to see a face that you have known so well throughout your whole life, reflected in the images of your own making," she wrote in an Instagram post about the shoot.

"It's an even more surreal feeling to have Brad Pitt collaborating on your vision."

It is surreal, isn't it?

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