Simu Liu Told Chelsea Handler He Used To Poop His Pants 'Quite Frequently' & LOL (VIDEO)

He also opened up about the night he was conceived. 👀

Simu Liu making a face. Right: Chelsea Handler guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Simu Liu making a face. Right: Chelsea Handler guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Simu Liu shared some incredibly candid information with Chelsea Handler on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it seems that even super hero's poop themselves sometimes.

On Tuesday, June 28, the Canadian actor appeared on the late-night show to promote his recently released memoir called We Were Dreamers.

"I sat and read it outside the other day and I just love this book," said Handler, who was guest-hosting for Kimmel. "First of all, one of my favourite things is that you waited to page I think it was 14 to announce that you were voted one of Toronto's hottest bachelors."

"Canada's hottest Bachelor is 2018," Liu confirmed.

"How did that make you feel — like a real man huh?" asked Handler.

"Well, the context of the way I introduced it in the book is that I really I admit to the reader —basically to the world — that I used to poop my pants quite frequently when I was a kid," the Marvel actor shared.

"And so to kind of help dull the blow of that I said, would now be a good time to introduce you the fact that I was one of Canada's hottest bachelors, just to be like, look where he's come," he explained.

Fair enough!

Later in the interview, Liu shared what it was like interviewing his parents for the book and some of the unexpected information he uncovered.

"I learned a lot of things about them, most of which was really inspiring, one story of the night I was conceived like not so much so," he said. "But KFC ended up playing a role in that."

He explained that KFC used to be very expensive in China with lineups out the door when his dad took his mom on a date there back in the day.

"There's something in those 11 herbs and spices," he joked. "And nine months later, boom, here we go. So I could almost say that I owe my entire existence to Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.