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Singles In Canada Are Having More Sex Than Last Year & Here's How They're Spicing Things Up

"It's not just about the outcome of the orgasm..."

Legs of two people in bed together.

Legs of two people in bed together.


When it comes to the sex lives of Canadians, it seems singles are getting busy!

In fact, according to data from eharmony's Dating Diaries report, single people in the country are having 33% more sex than they did last year.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

In terms of sex trends, here's what singles are doing to keep things spicy in 2023: different positions (70%), oral sex (67%), massage (65%), sex toys (53%), dirty talk (52%), role-playing (40%), watching porn together (40%) and introducing other people into their sex life (23%).

Sex trends for singles in 2023. Sex trends for singles in 2023. eharmony

"Exploring in the bedroom creates different ways to connect and be playful," says Laurel House, an eharmony relationship expert.

"It's not just about the outcome of the orgasm, but about having fun together, trying new things, and exploring one another," she continued. "We've kept that quarantine mentality of experiencing life in a space we feel safe: the bedroom."

For those in relationships, it seems priorities are a little different.

Facts on sex lives of those in relationships. Facts on sex lives of those in relationships. eharmony

While five percent of those in relationships said they're focusing more on sex, 64% of respondents said they're focusing more on quality time. The final 31% of people said they're equally focused on both.

"People are now more in tune with their emotional needs and mental health, which has led people to desire closeness, emotional safety, and space for vulnerability," explained Minaa B., another eharmony relationship expert.

"Our current culture is eager and hungry for connection and companionship, which happens mostly in spending quality time together."

That being said, 53% of those in relationships say they frequently orgasm — but 42% say that "stress has a negative impact on their sex lives."

As well, only 40% of respondents in relationships said they are happy with their sex lives.

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