It looks like one NHL mascot found himself in a pickle after making the wrong turn on his way to meet up with the team.  Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers' mascot, found himself in Ohio on a Scotiabank Arena trip gone wrong. As it turns out, there may be only one 6ix, but there are two T-dots.

The mascot's voyage kicked off on Sunday night when he tweeted out that he was heading to Toronto.

It wasn't long before fans realized Gritty had made a terrible mistake as he posted a concerning video of him throwing rocks into "the Niagara River."

Locals of the Niagara region were quick to point out that the orange man's coordinates were a little off.

"I grew up on the Niagara River, this isn't it," wrote one user.

"Sorry, Gritty, but that's not Niagara River. I live by the river," added another.

It would appear the warnings fell on deaf ears because Gritty continued on his way and ended up in a very strange place.

The mascot's next tweet was of a city sign that read, "Welcome to Toronto the Gem City."

Well, as it turns out, Gritty accidentally travelled to Toronto, Ohio, a small town that shares its name with the iconic city. 

Sadly, it took the googly-eyed creature a few more hours before his mistake started to sink in.

Spotting an American flag outside was all the realization the mascot needed to understand that he had made a mistake. 

After a few more heartbreaking posts by the mascot, which saw him trying to secure ride, he finally started to make his way back home. 

Gritty later released a statement on his blunder, which was pretty wholesome.

"Some may say I made mistakes, but I'm a better mascot for this. The quest continues. To quote my old friend Bono 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for," he said.

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