It looks like the score isn't the only thing that fans have their eyes on during Raptors Game 7. 

Head Coach Nick Nurse is getting some attention after wearing a red and white striped shirt. 

In fact, multiple Twitter users are comparing the coach's striped shirt to something that they would find out of the popular book Where's Waldo. 

"With all due respect why does the Raptors Coach dress like Waldo," wrote one user. 

"Nick Nurse is a striped beanie away from looking like Waldo," wrote another. 

Of course, some other fans had a theory behind the colourful top. 

"Nick Nurse dressing like Waldo so the Celtics don’t accidentally mistake him for one of them, and their fans," wrote one fan.

The Raptors are taking on the Celtics on Friday night for their chance to make it to the East Conference Finals. 

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