Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka spoke out about the dilemma that Toronto Raptors players faced during last week's brief NBA suspension.

Lowry revealed to TSN's Josh Lewenberg that he and his teammates "were seriously considering leaving" the bubble before reaching a tentative agreement with the NBA Players Association.

Ibaka echoed his teammate's words.


We were close [to leaving]. We were very close. But as a group we figured things out.

Serge Ibaka

"We stayed here and we're here for a reason, not only to play basketball but to use our platform to try and change things out there," Ibaka said to Lewenberg.

The Raptors lost to the Boston Celtics 112-94 on Sunday, in Game 1 of the Conference Semi-finals.

"We didn't play nearly well enough, or hard enough, or good enough, or fast enough, or tough enough to win today," Nick Nurse said to Lewenberg.

"We got our butts kicked."

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