Starbucks' Week-Long Summer BOGO Deal Is On Now

Get two drinks for the price of one. 🥤
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Starbucks' Summer BOGO Week In Canada Starts Today

Who doesn't like free things? If you've been craving an ice-cold grande s'mores Frappuccino, then there is no better time to treat yourself. Starbucks' Summer BOGO week in Canada starts today.

It is time to make plans to catch up with your BFF. From Monday, August 10 until Sunday, August 16, the coffee giant is having a buy one, get one free promotion at participating stores.

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Don't see the sale on your Starbucks app? Don't worry; we have all the details on how to get your complimentary beverage.

This time things are being done differently. But this is good news for you, as instead of a one-day promotion you have several days to take advantage of the BOGO deal.

You'll need to head to their promo page to get a coupon code. All you need to do is screenshot the offer page, or bookmark it on your phone and you are ready to go. 

At your nearest location, show the barista the screenshot to redeem the offer before you order. 

You can buy any grande-sized or larger handcrafted drink, and get one of the same price or cheaper for free.

So what will it be? You purchase a venti cup for you and gift one to your friend without spending any extra money.

Perhaps a smooth Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew or the tropical Iced Golden Ginger Drink on the patio?

Or you could always try one of the tasty new dairy-free options made with almond milk.

There is no shortage of delicious options perfect for a hot summer day.

You won't be able to use it for Starbucks Reserve, ready-to-drink beverages, or any other discounted item. Also, you can just use the coupon once. 

To find the store nearest you, you can head to the Starbucks app. Make sure to get your BOGO coupon now.

Make sure to enjoy a frap while you can because it'll be time for pumpkin spice everything before you know it.

Stephanie White
Staff Writer
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