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Summer Jobs That Are Perfect If You Dig Working With Your Hands & Need The Extra Cash

They are hiring right now and some pay up to $22/hr!💰

Calling all Canadian youngsters! You may have already begun your search to score that perfect summer job and pocket some extra cash, but we might be able to help widen your horizon even more.

Canada has many jobs available right now, and if you like working with your hands and don't mind your clothes getting a bit dirty then you've come to the right place.

Here are five jobs across Canada hiring right now that require some level of labour and pay up to $22/hr.  

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Garden Centre Merchandiser

Salary: $15.40 per hour

Company: Goliath Grower Services

Who Should Apply: If you like working in retail but want a challenging gig in Quebec, this might be for you! In this position, you'll be tasked with keeping the store's garden centres "looking amazing," and keeping the product fresh.

You'll need at least one year of experience in sales, gardening and merchandising.

The job is 12 to 14 weeks and will start in April and go on until July.

The deadline to apply is March 15, 2021.

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Forest/Biodiversity Resource Worker

Salary: $16.50-22.13 per hour

Company: Province of Nova Scotia

Who Should Apply: Nova Scotia's Department of Lands and Forestry is looking for students to join its team.

In this job, you'll be working with timber, doing harvest and road inspections, and may also be involved in wildlife habitat, forest research and more.

This job runs for 16 weeks and you need to be a current university or college student who is in the field of "natural resource management," to be considered.

The deadline to apply is March 8, 2021.

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Repair and Sales Associate 

Salary: $17.00-22.00 per hour

Company: Equipment Express Cochrane

Who Should Apply: This company in Alberta is hiring positions in repair and sales.

The job includes training and you do not need past experience since everything is taught, such as how to fix small engines or learning how to speak with customers.

The training is also paid and the job lasts four months.

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Parks Labourer 

Salary: $17.22-19.57 per hour

Company: City of Oshawa

Who Should Apply: The City of Oshawa is looking for students to work in parks and help cut and trim grass as well as do some basic maintenance.

You need to be currently enrolled in post-secondary school full-time and must be returning in the fall.

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Production Operator

Salary: $20.00-22.00 per hour

Company: Nestle Waters

Who Should Apply: This job will see students maintain "production operation," and work with tons of equipment, ensuring they are up to par and functioning well.

For this job, you'll need to have math skills and be able to follow procedures.

The job runs from May to the end of August and you need to have graduated high school to land it.

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