Taco Bell Will Be Launching 200 Restaurants Across 5 Provinces & There Are Big Plans Ahead

Let's taco 'bout it. 🌮

A Taco Bell restaurant.
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A Taco Bell restaurant.

Good news for all the Taco Bell fans here in Canada.

The US fast-food company has just announced some pretty incredible expansion plans which will more than double the existing branches it has in the country.

Thanks to a partnership between Taco Bell and Redberry Restaurants, which labels itself as one of Canada's fastest-growing restaurant companies, there are going to be an additional 200 restaurants spread across the country!

This will be on top of the 14 Taco Bell locations that Redberry currently owns and operates in Ontario.

This kind of exponential growth means there could be almost 400 Taco Bell locations spread across Canada by 2031 that might just help you to "Live Más!"

That's a whole lot of tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and more that'll be available over the coming years — and, of course, Crunchwrap Supremes.

As of now, Taco Bell has 168 locations across Canada, with a large majority of its restaurants concentrated in Ontario.

While there's no information as of now regarding specific locations, the 200 Taco Bell restaurants will be built across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, Redberry has confirmed.

What we do know is this expansion will be kicked off with Redberry's first "new-build" Taco Bell restaurant, which will be in London, Ontario.

The new branch will be located in North London, surrounded by a lot of residential development, and will mark the third Redberry-owned Taco Bell in the city.

Looks like 2023 is starting with a bang for the fast-food chain.

Pretty spec-taco-lar news, all around.

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Janice Rodrigues
Associate Editor
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