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bc gas prices

Good news for drivers looking to go away this long weekend — gas prices in Vancouver are predicted to drop even further, so it's time to bust out your happy dance and fill up those tanks.

Vancouver gas prices are predicted to drop 6 cents on Thursday from 193.9 on August 31 to 187.9 cents per litre, according to Gas Wizard. But you may not need to rush to the pumps because they're set to drop again tomorrow to 186.9 cents per litre, so you've got time.

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Gas prices in B.C. have been surging lately, breaking records and even prompting the government to give some money back to drivers.

But residents may finally get a bit of relief. The price of gas is expected to drop slightly tomorrow in some areas, so you might want to seize the opportunity and fill up while it's down.

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The cost of travelling with BC Ferries is about to get a little bit more expensive, and it's just another consequence of rising gas prices across the country.

BC Ferries has announced it will be implementing a higher fuel surcharge starting in June — so if you're planning on taking a trip via ferry, be prepared to shell out some extra cash this summer.

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Gas prices have risen to extraordinarily high prices throughout Canada, and to offset the impact on people in B.C., the government is giving money back to some drivers.

There will be a one-time payment to some people because of the record-breaking prices caused by the repurcussions of the economic sanctions imposed to Russia after its "invasion of Ukraine," the government said.

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Gas prices across B.C. are finally set to drop ahead of the weekend after weeks of rising prices at the pumps.

According to Gas Wizard, a website that projects gas prices across Canada, the end of the week is looking much better for drivers filling up their vehicles — especially in B.C.

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