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Gas Prices In Vancouver Set To Hit 209.9 Cents A Litre & It's Not Much Better Across Canada

Things just went from bad to worse.

Western Canada Editor
A woman paying for gas at a gas station.

A woman paying for gas at a gas station.

Vancouver gas prices are predicted to hit almost 210 cents a litre on Monday, as costs at the pumps continue to break records across Canada.

Prices at the pumps have been surging over the past few weeks due to a “supply crunch” and rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Parts of B.C. broke all-time Canadian records for gas prices last week when gas prices hit more than $2 a litre — but prices are continuing to rise.

According to Gas Wizard, a website that projects gas prices across Canada, the start of the working week is not looking good for drivers filling up their vehicles.

Drivers in Vancouver are being warned to expect prices of 209.9 cents a litre in the city on Monday, while motorists in nearby Victoria, B.C. can also expect lofty costs — at 204.9 cents a litre.

In Kamloops, they are predicted to be at 185.9 cents a litre, while Kelowna is expected to be slightly more expensive at 186.9 cents.

Alberta, a province known for being cheaper at the pump than the Canadian average, is also getting hit hard.

Gas prices in Calgary and Edmonton soared 15 cents a litre over the weekend and currently sit at 172.9 and 169.9 cents, respectively.

The cost of gas in Toronto sits at 184.9 cents a litre, Winnipeg at 185.9 cents, and Montreal at 195.9 cents.

Just two years ago, drivers said they were paying 68.9 cents a litre for gas in Alberta and plenty of them have been reminiscing about the extraordinarily low prices in a Reddit thread.

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