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A Ukrainian Living In Vancouver Is Leaving Canada & Heading To Fight The Russian Invasion

"I am scared. I don’t want to fight with the weapons."

Western Canada Editor
Oleh Hlyniailiuk and, right, a Ukraine/Russia protest held in Vancouver.

A Ukrainian living in Vancouver is travelling home and heading to conflict regions in the country amid its fight against Russia.

Oleh Hlyniailiuk, 26, has been living in Vancouver since November and told CTV News that it "felt like someone put a knife in my heart" when he learned of Russia's attack.

He said his friends in the country are hiding in underground bunkers, while others are on the front lines fighting the Russian invasion.

Earlier this week, Hlyniailiuk took the ferry to Victoria to stock up on medical supplies and protective gear to take back to people in his home country.

Hlyniailiuk was due to fly from Canada to Austria with 10 suitcases on Wednesday before he makes his way to the war zone, according to CTV.

"I am scared. I don’t want to fight with the weapons. But the scare is 10%, the 90% is the obligation and belief that we will win," he said.

His church, Holy Eucharist Cathedral in New Westminster, has raised thousands of dollars to help him collect supplies.

In a message to Canadians before boarding his flight back to Europe, Hlyniailiuk said: "If you can do more, please do it because this is the fight for the world's democracy."

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