Ontario Gas Prices Just Shot Up In These Cities & The Cheapest Spots Were Hit Hardest

But one city is still affordable. ⛽

An Ontario gas station.

An Ontario gas station.

Mondays are hard enough without Ontario gas prices shooting up — and yet here we are.

That's right, drivers. Several cities, including those typically boasting affordable gas prices, are facing rising fuel costs at the start of this week — because who really needs money for groceries?

Gas Wizard reports that gas prices in Ontario increased by upwards of 10 cents on August 28. The increase wasn't widespread, but prices in one of the province's cheapest spots did shoot up.

But hey, at least we're all on the same page now.

Peterborough, which is typically one of the most affordable places to fill up in Ontario, saw the price at its pumps rise by a whopping 10 cents on Monday, bringing its average up to 168.9 cents per litre.

Other cities to experience notable spikes include Sudbury, which is set to see stations offer 171.9 cents per litre at the start of the week after a 13-cent increase.

Thunder Bay, a city where gas prices are typically more aligned with Alberta than Ontario, also experienced a 7-cent increase. Although, considering its average is now more or less aligned with the rest of the province, motorists probably won't be too gutted.

Are there any gas savings left to cling onto in Ontario? Sure, as long as you live in or around the city of Cornwall, where gas stations are offering a comparatively low 161.9 cents per litre today, after recording no change in price for the fifth day in a row.

Energy markets in Canada were on a downward trend last week, which seemed like a great thing until gas analyst Dan McTeague predicted that the "irrational and dysfunctional" nature of the fuel economy would cause any relief to be short-lived.

And, as if on cue, those predictions played out over the weekend, with gas prices rising 7 cents, bringing the average for most major cities — including Toronto, Windsor and Ottawa — up to 171.9 cents per litre.

On the bright side, those cities were spared from today's increase. Although, if you're not one to gamble, you may want to visit your local station soon because things could be about to get dicey.

According to CAA, Canada's average gas price as of Monday is 168.1 cents per litre, which is up from the 158.4 cents average that drivers were paying this time last year. The association also indicates that the country's prices are on an upward trend. Ouch.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.