BC Gas Prices Are Predicted To Drop In Some Areas Tomorrow & Here's Where To Fill Up

Get it while it's cheap(er)!

Gas station. Right: City of Vancouver, B.C.

Gas station. Right: City of Vancouver, B.C.

Gas prices in B.C. have been surging lately, breaking records and even prompting the government to give some money back to drivers.

But residents may finally get a bit of relief. The price of gas is expected to drop slightly tomorrow in some areas, so you might want to seize the opportunity and fill up while it's down.

Gas analyst Dan McTeague is predicting that prices will drop to 216.9 cents per litre in Vancouver on Thursday. It would make for the second day in a row that gas prices in the city went down.

According to McTeague's website, Gas Wizard, there are some other cities in B.C. that may have it even cheaper, with regular gas prices under $2 a litre, which is now actually pretty low in comparison to some places.

Kelowna and Kamloops are predicted to be at 194.9 cents per litre, a prediction that has been consistent for both cities since Saturday. Prices in Victoria are predicted to stay around 217.9 cents per litre.

So depending on where you live, it might be worth the journey to fill up outside of Vancouver.

While the government is trying to offset gas prices for B.C. drivers, BC Ferries recently had to implement a fuel surcharge due to the high prices. This means that travelling on BC Ferries routes will get more expensive as of June 1.

People on TikTok have been expressing their feelings about the high prices, providing some comedic relief to help soothe the pain at the pumps.

You have to laugh to keep from crying, right?

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is the Travel Editor for Narcity Media focused and is based in Vancouver, B.C.