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best dessert places in ottawa

A new boutique bakery opened this spring in Ottawa's Centretown neighbourhood and whether you're hunting for something sweet or savoury, they'll be able to satisfy your craving.

It may be called Dessert First, but on top of the selection of cakes, cookies, brownies and cheesecake jars, you'll find freshly made bread and all-day breakfast sandwiches, and one look will have you drooling.

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Ottawa has a new colourful spot to get ice cream and dessert and it's not like anything else you've seen in the city. You can try some rolled-up ice cream, a decadent piece of cake, coffee drinks, or a smoothie.

Roll'd Up Dessert Lounge just opened a permanent location at Lansdowne Park this April and it's an 80s vibe where you can eat treats and play an arcade game. The ice cream is made from scratch in front of you so you know it's fresh.

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There was something extra special about snacking as a kid. You weren't the one buying the desserts, and it was always a special surprise when you got Pop-Tarts for breakfast or Dunkaroos packed in your school lunch.

You can find these nostalgic treats at Ottawa bakeries, handmade and extra sweet. Throw it back to grade school recess or weekend snacks at home with these delicious desserts in Ottawa.

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If you have yet to try this trendy dessert that is a mix of croissants and waffles, there is a new cafe in Ottawa serving up croffles with a variety of toppings.

Sharpfle Waffle just opened in Ottawa's Hintonburg neighbourhood in December of 2021. From sweet to savoury, you're sure to find the treat of your dreams, and what's more fun than trying out a new dessert?

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There's something special about pie as a dessert. It follows the seasons, from light fruity flavours such as cherry and rhubarb, to pumpkin and apple pie in the fall. You can also get away with eating pie for breakfast, and no one can judge. Add toppings, don't, it's your call.

Regardless of your favourite flavour, sweet or savoury, pies are meant to be enjoyed and shared. If you're not already convinced that it's time to order some pie from an Ottawa bakery, Pi Day is coming up on March 14. Math geeks and bakers unite as we celebrate the mathematical constant π on the fourteenth day of the third month, with some warm, tasty dessert.

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