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Ottawa's New Bakery Has All-Day Breakfast Sandwiches & You Can’t Look Without Drooling

There's a stacked dessert display too.🍪🍰

Fruit puff pastries on a patio in Ottawa. Right: Homemade breakfast sandwich from Dessert First.

Fruit puff pastries on a patio in Ottawa. Right: Homemade breakfast sandwich from Dessert First.

Staff Writer

A new boutique bakery opened this spring in Ottawa's Centretown neighbourhood and whether you're hunting for something sweet or savoury, they'll be able to satisfy your craving.

It may be called Dessert First, but on top of the selection of cakes, cookies, brownies and cheesecake jars, you'll find freshly made bread and all-day breakfast sandwiches, and one look will have you drooling.

Everything served is made from scratch in-house, including the English muffins, sausage patties, coffee syrups and ice cream. You'll walk up the steps of this modest bakery to a bright space with a full dessert display and dandelion wallpaper, showing that they've really thought of every detail in this new bake shop.

The hot breakfast and lunch sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and gooey melted cheese. They have a vegetarian option of egg, cheese, avocado and tomato, and are happy to accommodate vegan requests as well. Some other vegan treats include a lime coconut square and sorbets.

Nestled in a converted house on Bay Street, this opening has been a long time coming for the owner Julia, who was making custom cakes from a commercial kitchen, as the pandemic delayed her opening plans. She still offers custom cake orders, which you can request online.

This cute new bakery is takeout only, but they have three window seats inside and a small patio space where you can enjoy your treats during the summer. Julia told Narcity that they're hoping to be available for delivery through the Uber Eats app in the next week or so.

Dessert First

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Baked goods & dessert

Address: 350 Bay St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: This new boutique bakery will take you from your morning fuel to your afternoon treat. Everything from the English muffin of your breakfast sandwich to the cheesecake slice and ice cream is made from scratch.


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