Ottawa’s New 'Croffle' Cafe Has A Mouthwatering Mix Of 2 Treats

Croissants + waffles = croffles 🧇

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You Can Get Croffles In Ottawa & They Are A Mix Of 2 Treats

Are you wondering where to get croffles in Ottawa? You can finally get your hands on one at FirstBite on Sussex Street.

If you haven't heard of new trendy croffle before, they are a mix between a waffle and croissant.


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So if you are curious what that might taste like, the cafe has a delicious assortment of desserts, including many loaded with toppings.

Some options include strawberries and whipped cream, grapes, Nutella, and Biscoff crumbles with a caramel drizzle.

Prices start at $6.50 for a regular, while one with toppings is $7.50.


Price: $6.50+

Address: 531 Sussex Dr., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you love to share food photos with your friends, they also have a gorgeous floral wall that makes the perfect backdrop.


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