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'Croffles' Are The Newest Food In Toronto & They're A Carb-Lover's Heaven

Croissants + waffles = croffles.

You can enjoy your two favourite carbs in one with this drool-worthy new pastry.

Little Pebbles' croffles in Toronto are a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle, and they look too good to be true.

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Croffles are a hot new food trend in Korea right now, and Little Pebbles informed Narcity that they are the first spot in Toronto that they know of to introduce the item. 

The French-Asian bakery is getting ready to release a variety of flavours next week, so you can get your hands on this mind-blowing carb fusion soon.

The heavenly pastry is made from croissant dough and then cooked in a waffle machine, and it offers a crispy take on a traditional croissant's buttery, fluffy goodness.

The bakery, which specializes in croissants, makes the dough from scratch using a special formula they created just for the croffle.

The menu is still being finalized, but up to six flavours of croffles will be available, including cheddar cheese.

Enjoy your two favourite carbs in one with this doughy new treat.


Price: Around $5

When: Available January 13, 2021

Address: 160 Baldwin St. Store #8, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Start the year off right by indulging in a croissant-waffle hybrid.