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bonnechere caves

You don't have to be a nature buff to appreciate the tremendous beauty of Ontario. It has the most varied landscape among the provinces in Canada, from fertile farmlands in the south, through the rocky Canadian shield to the Hudson Bay lowlands in the north.

If you're a fan of breathtaking landscapes and scenery, these Ontario locations should be on your travel bucket list. Here are 12 surreal spots in Ontario, in no particular order:

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If you're in need of some adventure, you can live out your inner Indiana Jones fantasy and explore an underground world at one of these scenic caves across the country.

There are natural sea caves, dark caverns and deep crevasses where you can feel like a true spelunker. You can even bring your swimsuit and go for a dip or a soak at some of these spots.

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If you enjoy the thrill of exploring ancient worlds and love a good adventure, there are a number of caves in Ontario waiting for you.

Most of the caves are limestone, created by conditions during the ice age. You'll forget you're in Canada as you climb through skinny cave spirals, walk through abandoned tunnels and admire blue water views from cliff edges.

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The sun has started to shine in the capital and after a long winter, as usual, it's time to come out of hibernation and start some adventures. With flowers blooming, festivals returning and restaurant patios opening, there are endless activities to enjoy in Ottawa this spring.

If you want an outdoor adventure, to shop for goodies or to enjoy food and drinks you can pack your spring with affordable fun. Here are things to do in Ottawa this spring that won't break the bank.

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Grab some friends who are always down for an epic adventure if you're looking to explore ancient caves in Ontario. There may not be any hidden treasure, but there are beautiful rock formations and fossils where you can actually touch a piece of history.

The Bonnechere Caves in Eganville reopen on May 20, just in time for the long weekend. The season will start with self-guided tours again, with guided tours coming back in June. Theatre events and live concerts are also scheduled for various dates in the summer.

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