There seems to be this prevailing idea of Canada as a place that only offers snow, cold weather and maple syrup. Such misconception couldn't be farther from the truth, as there are several amazing places in the country to enjoy warm weather during the summer months.

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One place in particular that is worth a visit in the summer is Grand Bend Beach. It is one of Canada's best beaches, being one of only 26 to have received Blue Flag status for its commitment to strict water quality and safety. Located in Ontario, the beach is blessed with 25 miles of white sands, crystal clear waters and a vibrant surrounding community.

In the summer, the beach is open for public access. Many visitors often stay for an entire weekend, renting cottages along the beach during the summer. Volleyball courts, splash pads, playgrounds, observation decks and a boardwalk are all available by the water. Nearby the beach is also Main Street, the lively portion of the area that consists of several beachside shops, boutiques and restaurants.

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